How LUZ worksheet usage licenses work

In this article you will find the following explanations

  1. What is the license to use LUZ worksheets
  2. Explanations on how to activate the spreadsheet
  3. Saving the spreadsheet (do not use Save As)
  4. How to Duplicate the Original File (or Rename) Without Using Save As
  5. How to use the spreadsheet with the network usage license (Dropbox or similar)
  6. How to send only a PDF report of spreadsheet results (not to use licenses unnecessarily)

1. What is the License to Use LUZ worksheets

LUZ products operate under the use license regime. This means that to activate the purchased products, you will need to enter a passkey.

A license can be activated on up to 3 different computers. This is not to say that the file cannot be duplicated numerous times, as long as it is on the same computer.

License validity:

The license does NOT have an expiration date and can be used indefinitely, as long as respecting the rules of use on up to 3 computers.

Where to find the license:

1 - In the download area of ​​the spreadsheet, you will see the access key

When you click the DOWNLOAD button, you are redirected to the location where you will find the license

2 - At the end of your purchase, you received an email with the access key to use the spreadsheet with the sender "LUZ PLANILHAS" and the subject: "Order 09124719284 - LUZ Planilhas" (the number is different in each order, here I put just an example)

If that email is not at the top of your list, search SPAM. If you're not there, use your email provider's search tool and write: "LIGHT SHEETS Order Cash Flow Worksheet" (again, the name of the worksheet is an example, you need to put the name of the worksheet you purchased )

2. Activating the spreadsheet

When you open your spreadsheet, you will enter your license activation screen. Just click on the ACTIVATE button and, the first time you open the spreadsheet, use the 19-character passkey (16 alphanumeric and 3 hyphens) - it is important to use exactly the same way you received it in your order confirmation email.

The standard format follows this model here: 3R51-8C2F-AG09-4H3L

The next time you open the spreadsheet, the code should act automatically (or at most, you will need to click the activate button), but the access key will no longer need to be entered

3. How to Save the Spreadsheet (Do not use the Save As option)

Important: The SAVE AS DON'T WORK option for product safety reasons, so don't try to use it at the risk of losing what was done in the spreadsheet.

When using the spreadsheet and want to save your work, use only the SAVE option, which can be accessed via the FILE tab, the quick access toolbar or the keyboard shortcut CTRL + B (or CTRL + S depending on the language of the your computer)

In addition, when closing the spreadsheet, always remember to save the work done. When you click close, you will receive the following message:

4. How to Duplicate the Original File (or Rename) Without Using Save As

The SAVE AS function does not work on spreadsheets with licenses, so whenever you want to save a copy of the file, go to the folder where the file is stored and create a copy of it directly in the folder.

So you will have two versions of the spreadsheet to use as you wish. You can create as many versions as you want, since the usage licenses are smart and only stop using them by the number of computers and not by the number of copies.

NOTE: You can also rename the file directly from the folder where it is stored

5. How to use the spreadsheet with Network license (Dropbox or similar)

The activation of the spreadsheet does not work correctly on the network, it must always be opened from a local folder (such as the Desktop). To use you must follow a very simple process:

  1. Download the spreadsheet to your computer (in a local folder like the Desktop or Downloads)
  2. Use the spreadsheet as normal and save after use (never with the Save As option)
  3. Upload it back to the network for others to access and be able to repeat this process

6. How to send PDF reports of the results for not using licenses

As we said, the spreadsheet allows access to up to 3 computers at most. The problem is that sometimes you may want to show the spreadsheet results, graphs and reports to:

  • Superiors
  • Partners
  • Possible investors
  • People of interest from other areas of the company
  • Friends (to give an opinion)
  • Among others

When sending the spreadsheet, when it is opened on a new computer, invariably, one of the accesses to your license will be consumed. If you prefer to avoid this, you can simply generate a PDF report with all the important parts of the spreadsheet and send that report (which will not account for any computer usage)

See here how to save a PDF report of the parts of the spreadsheet that you want - spreadsheet

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